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It can never be too early to introduce your child to the fascinating characters of the Bible. In fact, each story of the Bible is replete with hidden treasures and life lessons that are waiting for your child to unearth.

So parents, why wait? The Bible App for Kids might just be the tool that you need to introduce your child to the heroes of the Bible in a powerful and unforgettable way.


We have now picked five Biblical characters whom your child will learn about in this app. Let’s take a look at the key lessons that the lives of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and Nehemiah will teach your little one:

1. Lessons from Noah’s life:

Story: Two by Twonoah
Theme: Noah and the flood
Scripture: Genesis 6:5-9:17

Who doesn’t love the story of Noah’s ark, full of animals? In the story Two by Two, this app will introduce your child to the only person whom God found obedient in a world of sinners. Here are a few ways in which your child will be blessed by this story:

  • Perhaps, the most important lesson that this story will teach your child is the value of obedience. He or she will realise that God blesses those who are obedient, just like He blessed Noah.
  • By watching Noah build the ark as other people mocked him, your kid will learn that it is important to do the right thing even when others disagree.
  • This interactive story will also let your child help Noah and his family build the ark. This will show your child that working in a team bears good results.


  • Finally, your child will learn about God’s promise to never flood the Earth again. This will help your child understand the value of making and keeping promises.

2. Lessons from Abraham’s life:

Story: God’s Amazing Promise │ Abraham’s Big Testbible-heroes-storieschild-trust-story
Theme: Abraham is called by God │ Abraham and Isaac
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-9; 15:1-7 │ Genesis 15:1-6; 21:1-7;

Abraham is our next Bible hero. In the stories God’s Amazing Promise and Abraham’s Big Test, the Bible App for Kids will take your child on a journey with the “father of many nations.” Let’s take a look at the key lessons that are waiting for your child in these two stories:

  • Both these stories will help your child learn the importance of trusting God at all times. Your child will remember to trust and obey God even when it seems difficult, just as Abraham did when God asked him to leave his home and head to an unknown place.


  • Your child will also learn that God is a promise-keeping God. He or she will understand that God makes and keeps big promises – just like the impossible-sounding promise He made to Abraham about bearing children in old age.
  • Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac as an act of obedience will also be a powerful lesson in obedience for your child.
  • By learning how God miraculously provided a ram for Abraham’s sacrifice, your child will understand that God provides. You can use this example to teach your child to always trust God for provision.


3. Lessons from Joseph’s life:

Story: The Dreamer │ Dreams Come Truebible-heroes-storybible-heroes-story
Theme: Joseph is sold into slavery │ Joseph’s rise to power
Scripture: Genesis 37; 39:1-6 │ Genesis 39-45

Joseph is another Biblical character whom your child will learn about in this app. In fact, The Bible App for Kids offers two stories that introduce your child to Joseph, the dreamer. Here are three key lessons that your child will learn from these stories:

  • In the first story of Joseph, The Dreamer, your child will learn that God never leaves His people. As your child will walk alongside Joseph, right from when he was sold as a slave to when he became a successful minister in Egypt, he or she will see how God was always by his side.


  • The story Dreams Come True will teach your child about forgiveness as he or she watches Joseph forgive his brothers for mistreating him. By observing Joseph praise God for turning a bad experience into a good one, your child will also learn to have a more thankful heart.
  • The sound effects and the amazing visuals will help your child get a glimpse of different emotions. For instance, your child will observe what anger or jealousy looks like when Joseph’s brothers watch Jacob give him a coloured coat.


4. Lessons from Moses’ life

Story: A Baby and a Bush │ God Makes a Waybible-heroes-storybible-heroes-story
Theme: Birth of Moses and the burning bush │ The parting of the Red sea and the 10 Commandments
Scripture: Exodus 1:6-2:15; 3:1-15; 4:1-17 │ Exodus 14; 16:11-16; 17:1-7; 19-20

Your child will love the action-packed adventures of Moses in this app. The Bible App for Kids introduces Moses to children in two powerful and engaging stories – A Baby and a Bush and God Makes a Way. Let’s take a look at the lessons that these stories will teach your kid:

  • The story A Baby and a Bush will show your child how God blesses His people with courage when they are in trouble. Moses was afraid to ask Pharaoh to release the Jews, but God told him that He would help him do so.
  • Watching Moses part the Red Sea will be a powerful testimony of God’s miraculous ways. Your child can also tap the screen to part the waters!


  • Your child will observe the different ways in which God speaks to His people. As your child hears God’s voice in the burning bush and on Mount Sinai, he or she will be encouraged to listen for His voice.
  • Your child will also learn that God takes care of His people and walks with them, just like He took care of the Israelites and provided food and water for them in the desert.
  • No story of Moses can be complete without the 10 Commandments! The animated story God Makes a Way will introduce your child to the 10 Commandments in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.  


5. Lessons from Nehemiah’s life:

Story: The Walls Go Upbible-heroes-story
Theme: Nehemiah and Ezra
Scripture: Nehemiah 1-4; 6:15-16; 8:1-3; 10:28-29

The last Bible hero whom we have chosen for this blog is Nehemiah, the cupbearer of King Artaxerxes of Persia. The incredible story of Nehemiah’s bravery will surely bless your child. Here are a few ways in which your child will benefit from the app’s story The Walls Go Up:

  • Learning to ask God for help is one of the most valuable lessons that your child will learn from this Bible story. When Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem was in ruins and that his friends were in trouble, he asked God to help them. You can use this example to encourage your child to ask God for help when in trouble.
  • By watching Nehemiah come to the rescue of his friends, your child will learn to help others when they are in trouble.


  • What’s more, your child will learn to be truthful and courageous even when it is not easy, just like Nehemiah was when he asked the king for permission to help his friends.


  • In this interactive story, your child can also help Nehemiah and the Israelites build the wall of Jerusalem. This will help your child to learn that hard work is rewarding.

Isn’t this a great way for your kids to learn about the great men and women in the Bible?

As your child goes through each of these Bible stories, he or she will learn that God chooses ordinary, imperfect people to do great things. Gradually, your child will realize that if we love and obey the Lord, He will reward us and call us to do great and mighty things for Him.

So, why wait? Download the Bible App for Kids app today and introduce your child to the heroes of the Bible through these interactive stories. Click the button below to get this FREE app today.

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